Dressing up to make you Look Slimmer

Dressing up well and looking great is the dream of every person. But sometimes due to different situations and body types and conditions it could be a little tricky to look as desired. In such situations it can be a wise idea to think out and dress. In this article we'll help you through a few tips that could make you look slimmer and give an elegant look.

Yes it's true everybody can look slimmer , so all you have to do is to scroll down and read this to find some effective tips and techniques to that ll really work..

Tips to look slimmer


High rise the bottoms 

Yes that's true, high rise the pants and bottoms. Most of the time proportion matters more than our actual height, high rising the pants will surely make you look thinner and slimmer. So try it now.

Add defined layers 

Layering up dress might seem like you are over doing with your body and making yourself look fat. But actually a wise layering up will surely hide your actual size and does not give the direct view of the body. Layer wisely and define your body to look slimmer.

Use Dark colours

Dark colours make you look slimmer while colours like white and lighter shades tend to show you wider or huge. Even if there is a craze for different lighter colours, try to become friends with the darker colours too.

Prints and patterns 

The prints and patterns also make a big deal in showing you look slimmer and taller. Try and consider vertical stripes since it’ll make you look taller and slimer. The horizontal patterns be it small or big can be avoided since it will give a wider look to any body type. 

Shapewear and  Body Compressors

Shape wears or body compressors are a good option to give a good curvy structure to your body. It's a blessing that tames the fat around the body especially in hips, thighs and other parts effectively and makes you look slimmer. One can invest in it to look slimmer.

 Choose the right Inner Wear

Innerwear is the base for what you wear outside, make sure the right size underwear is worn so that the any costume worn looks great. Especially the bras has to chosen wisely if you are curvy women, its better to chose full coverage stretchable bras so that there are no bulges after you wear them.   Choose the best inner wear that suits your body type look cute and slimmer


At last but not least a trick posture is the one that makes you look  slimmer and look great. so make sure you have a great posture by expressing your self in front of a mirror and finding different postures.

look slimmer look great!

Size does not matter but the way of dressing matters.

enjoy being a women ! happy women hood:)